Sunday, August 26, 2012

Catching up with YA

I promise I would get better at keeping up with my blog! It has been a very busy time for  me as the new YA Librarian at the Main Library. But no complaints!

I have been in this position for eight months and I am finally have confidence with what I am doing for the teens. Even though at times the programs I created can be stressful, I am rewarded by the outcome.

The Summer Reading Program for Richmond Public Library is over and man did it go by so fast?!

Nikki Giovanni @ RPL-Speaking to Teens
On June 27th, I had the honor to meet poet, Nikki Giovanni a couple of weeks ago as part  of our Summer Reading program for teens.  I also got the chance to speak to the crowd before she presented, which I was really nerves, but made it through. (the duties of a YA Librarian!)
Nikki was very inspirational to me and everyone in the crowd. She talked about her life growing up in the south, education and the community that surrounds her. She spoke directly to the teens and gave a message of wisdom, especially to the young males who were in the crowd. She held nothing back when it came to race and economics. I really enjoyed Nikki when she recited four of her poems. What a great treat we all had to hear Tennessee Native and Nikki-Rosa.

At the end of the program she answered questions from the audience and did a book signing.
Patty, Amanda, Me, Nikki Giovanni, Sarah, and Tuvita (Teen volunteer)

The YA Crew with with Nikki (Amanda, Me, and Sarah )

I had many successful programs over all, and I am proud that I am engaging the community.

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