Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Teen Tech Week 2013

A Blog entry from a YA Librarian. Yay!
For Teen Tech Week, the theme is "Check In @ your library!". I decided to keep it simple this year because I have a lot on my plate-and I mean a lot! I am excited to say, even though I do not have as many programs, they are very creative and cool. :) Since I am an "Artsy Librarian" and I do a lot of digital art, I wanted to create a contest for the teens. I've been playing around with the idea of the "RVA" sticker, so I created a sticker of my own. RVA stickers are a big thing here in Richmond and you see them everywhere. 
Here is my creation:

Uploading to was very simple and I was able to adjust my image. I was also allowed to download the image and I got it printed as a sticker.

Back to the Teens and the Contest:

There are so many free graphic programs out there that a teen can easily create a cool image. I am very excited about this contest and I look forward to the teen's creations.