Friday, December 2, 2011

Counting 1...2...3!

Storytime is filled with fun and counting can be number 1! Maybe not! Anyways, I really enjoy counting storytimes because preschoolers get so engaged with numbers. I enjoy hearing the little ones count. This week with my group I had the opportunity to get my toddlers to count backwards.This was their first time doing it.

One book that I used was Click Clack Splish Splash by Doreen Cronin. This book is so much fun and children can interact with counting. That poor farmer always gets it at the end! Also, what is so important about the book is that it allows the child to count backwards.

I also love Mem Fox's Let's Count Goats. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet her last year and she read this book. The book is so funny and children enjoy it as well. I incorporated felt goats with the story. I made ten goats  to count along with the story. However, at the end, it gets a little tricky because there isn't a tenth goat, there are only ten pricked up ears! But I managed to pull it off and the kids loved it.

Mem Fox and Me

Chicka Chicka 1.2.3 by Bill Martin is another book that is great to interact with children of all ages. There maybe a lot of numbers but the story holds the children's attention. I am working on my tree and numbers. Stay tune for that!


  1. Love the expressions on those goat's faces!

  2. Adorable goats! I love Mem Fox too. Jealous you got to meet her.

  3. So jealous that you got to meet Mem Fox. She is so awesome!

    I love your goats. So fun!

    I have been missing you on Flannel Friday. I hope you can join us again soon. :o)

    Take care!
    K @Storytime Fun